L & R Manu Xpro static brace wrist-hand-thumb T2 right Velpeau R4128 LPP

SKU: 5133295 L & R Manu Xpro brace static wrist-hand-thumb T2 right Velpeau R4128 Lpp


Orthopedic correction, hand and wrist, static brace, wrist-thumb. Immobilization of thumb and wrist obtained by whales conformables.1


immobilization in case of:-States of post-traumatic and post-operative irritation at the level of the base of the hand and the wrist of the carpo-metacarpal joint of the thumb or the digital metacarpo-phalangeal joint articulation of the base of the thumb for example: wrist ligament injury, injury to the ulnar collateral ligament at the level of the base of the thumb (inch of the skier) joint and rhizarthrose TWU. - tenosynovitis of De Quervain b at the beginning of a the carpal syndrome paralysis of the radial nerve - during a post-operative treatment of scaphoid fracture.


Left or right. Setting up simple, convenient thanks to a system of straps and boucles1. Knitting 3s1 last generation, material permeable1, coton1 Interior, comfortable on the skin. Open brace, legere1, air-permeable and unobtrusive. Volar splint removable and conformable. 1