L & R Manu Pro brace static wrist-hand T3 Velpeau R4126 LPP

Brace static wrist/hand
Manufacturer: Lohmann & Rauscher


SKU 5133349 L & R Manu Pro brace static wrist-hand T3 Velpeau R4126 Lpp


Orthopedic correction, hand and wrist, static brace, wrist-hand. Modern contention bandage, breathable and anatomical, is suitable for the practice of sport. Obtained by a conformable1 splint wrist immobilization. Palmar or dorsal side changing removable splint.


Immobilization in case of: - States of post-traumatic and post-operative irritation at the level of the base of the hand and the wrist, for example bruises or sprains, - at the beginning of a carpal tunnel syndrome -, during post-operative treatment of distal fracture of the radius according to the surgeon, - phase inflammatory rheumatic pathologies.


Ambidextrous. Setting up simple, convenient thanks to a system of straps and buckles. Brace open, light, permeable to air and little encombrante1. Comfortable cotton Interior 3D knitting on the peau.1



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