L & R Ligaction City knee T1 Brown Velpeau R1408 LPP

Brace, brace open and symmetrical, with closing and adjustment. Learn more
Manufacturer: Lohmann & Rauscher


SKU 9739824 L & R Ligaction City knee T1 Brown Velpeau R1408 Lpp


Orthopedic correction, knee, hinged splint and brace. Brace open and symmetrical, with closing and adjustment by 4 semicircular straps, avoiding a put in place by Threading. Release of the poplite1 hollow. Whales (convex) internal and external (concave) respecting the anatomy of the genou1. They are rigid, anti-recurvatum and articulated with a double axis to meet the physiological movements of the articulation1.


Traumatic injuries of the knee. Sprains of average seriousness. Effects of sprains. Chronic laxity. Resumption of the sport. Patellar subluxation. Patellofemoral syndrome. Patellar instability. Gonarthrosis. Post-surgical protection.


Beaches of important settings. Bands of removable braces (knee and ligament) 1. Elasticity all sense and cotton inside. The expandable Strapps (SSE) system to improve knee stability and improve the congruence1. Open brace and symetrique.1 contains LaTeX.


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