L & R knee patellar felt with recess T4 sand Velpeau R1301 LPP

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SKU: 4657990 L & R patellar knee felt with recess T4 sand Velpeau R1301 Lpp


Brace elastic width and height expandable. Posterior zone of comfort without compression for the popliteal fossa. Multi-extensible deformable earlier area on the quadriceps to maintaining optimized cuff during movements of flexion, extension1. Closing seams flat side. Guide patella silicone with Groove for the tendon.


Traumatic, Dysplastic or degenerative knee injuries. Treatment of patellar instabilities. Post-surgical protection.


Knitting shaped. Elasticity all senses. Structure double sided patented to encourage the transfer of humidity Range1. Patellar guide felt or silicone. Flexible lateral whales. Finish the top of the knee by a flexible skirting avoiding the garrot1 effect. Contains LaTeX.


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B. Sabrina
  the 17/06/2017
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