L & R do belt lumbar support T3 grey-black crpe R2426 LPP

SKU: 4657091 L & R do T3 grey-black crpe R2426 LPP lumbar support belt


26 cm lumbar support belt. Correction of the bad back positions. Reinforcement of spinal statics. Stimulation of the musculature of the trunk, 2 Extenders (ERP) adjustable and removable associated with suitable exercises offer the maintenance of physical activity in resistance1. Decompression of the intervertebral disc by acting on the joint posterior, promoting the opening of intervertebral space through a system of rigid Strapps (SSR1). Evolution of the degree of lumbar stabilization by 2 whales side amovibles1. This product contains LaTeX.


Acute lumbago, sciatica, cruralgia, discopaties chronic low back pain (use of extensor progressive resistance).


Increase in the lumbo-abdominal maintenance without compression effect. Adaptation to progressive morphology. Contains the latex.1