Kneipp stop fresh mint-Eucalyptus

set of Kneipp treatments invigorating and decongestant to extracts of mint and eucalyptus.
Manufacturer: Kneipp
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SKU 6246682 Kneipp stop fresh mint-Eucalyptus

Mint-Eucalyptus 200 ml shower gel:


Shower this gel with extracts of mint and eucalyptus is renowned for its life-giving virtues, at the time of the shower gel will reduce the feeling of tiredness, frequent at the end of day.


Apply gel on wet skin then rinse.

20ml Eucalyptus bath oil:


Kneipp bath eucalyptus oil is invigorating, applied on the legs at the end of day, it will contribute to reduce the feeling of tiredness. Decongestant, it provides a moment of well-being.

Pebble bath Eucalyptus 80 g


In the form of bread taste benefits decongestants and invigorating roller kneipp Mint eucalyptus.

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