Kneipp Cabinet showers well be 5 x 30ml

Set of gels kneipp shower perfumed and protective for a moment of relaxation.
Manufacturer: Kneipp


SKU 2065274 Kneipp Cabinet showers well-being 5 x 30 ml


Cabinet showers well-being, Kneipp footbaths, consists of 5 products of the delicious scents shower.

These shower gels have a neutral pH for respect of the skin even more sensitive, they are without preservatives, without oils and tested under dermatological control.

This cabinet, laboratory Cattier, you will discover the brand Kneipp shower gels natural perfumes

Their thin and lightweight foams have many virtues relaxing and nourishing and bring a true moment of well-being.

guidance box shower:

  • Shower gel flowers of lime/Orange
  • flowers of almond Shower Gel
  • Rosemary Shower Gel, Shower Gel Lavender
  • Shower Gel Mint Eucalyptus

operating tips:

To be applied on the whole body.

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