Kneipp Cabinet bathroom Secrets

secret bathroom Cabinet for a moment of relaxation after a hard day of work.
Manufacturer: Kneipp


SKU: 2065305 Kneipp Cabinet bathroom Secrets


Offers Kneipp laboratory secret bathroom Cabinet.

This package contains bath products adapted to every desire:

  • of the body oil to almond for a soft, skin blossom

  • shower gel with lemon to refresh and revitalize,

  • a pebble of bath effervescent at the orange tree,

  • a bubble bath with Lavender for a moment of pure relaxation,

  • bath oil with eucalyptus for a bulb of oxygen.

These products with essential oils and heady perfumes take care of your skin intensively.


Cabinet contains oil body 20ml, shower gel 30ml, a pebble effervescent 80g, bath foaming 30ml and 20ml bath oil.