Kneipp box oils of bath 5 x 20ml

bath oils for a moment of relaxation and pleasure with the spellbinding scents.
Manufacturer: Kneipp


SKU 2065297 Kneipp box oils of bath 5 x 20 ml


The Kneipp laboratory offers the box oils bath.

These oils for bath to the spellbinding scents seduce it and make you travel through different scented moods. In your hot tub, enjoy a moment of relaxation and relaxation.

This package contains:

  • a lemon to refresh and revitalize, bath oil

  • an oil bath to orange and the Linden flowers to make a total, balance

  • a bath oil to almond for an exquisite, gentle blossom

  • oil bath with Lavender for relaxation,

  • a bath oil with eucalyptus for a bulb of oxygen.


Set of 5 oils bath 20 ml.

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