Klorane wax cold legs 6 double-banded box

Wax strips cold sweet almond designed for sustainable leg waxing. ready to use and easy to apply.
Manufacturer: Klorane


SKU 7900922 Klorane 6 double sweet almond cold wax strips


Klorane 6 double Amande Douce cold wax strips are designed for sustainable epilating the legs. ready to use and easy to apply, these wax strips adhere well to the hair for a sustainable elimination. Thanks to the nourishing properties sweet almond oil, they leave your legs smooth and silky. Without paraben. Attention: sale of Laboratory Klorane products is limited to the European Economic Area and 6 identical products per day and per customer.

directions for use:

Read the instructions inside.


Wax for hair removal cold specially designed leg.