Klorane shampoo with wax of Magnolia 400 ml

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Manufacturer: Klorane


SKU 9823950 Klorane shampoo with wax of Magnolia 400 ml

the magnolia, majestic plant in the Magnoliaceae family is distinguished by the strength and brilliance of its leaves. We have selected the species Magnolia grandiflora l. that is grown in the South West of the France in the respect of the surrounding ecosystem by following the specifications of the KLORANE Phytofilire. Of the cuticle of leaves, we extract a moisturizing and protective wax that we have scientifically demonstrated and patented the reflective action. A perfect affinity with the hair cuticle, it fixed to its surface and gives a shine exceptional.

intended to make any luster to hair dulled by daily aggressions, Magnolia wax shampoo wraps the hair in any lightness to moisturize and restore its natural protective film. Unique combination of wax of magnolia and an Activator complex of exclusive brilliance, its creamy formula sustainalbe scales and flattens the hair surface to fully reflect the light. Perfectly protected, the hair is soft, supple and light. It reveals a shine intense.

operating tips:
a single shampoo is enough. At length flush with clear water.

keeps 12 months after opening.

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