Klorane shampoo with Papyrus 400ml milk

Shampoo with papyrus to nourish and smooth dry, unruly hair milk.

Manufacturer: Klorane

SKU: 4879526 Klorane shampoo in the milk of Papyrus 400 ml


Since its inception, the Klorane laboratory is developing treatments based on the benefits of plants.

He designed many botanical hair care ranges. The spectrum of care to the papyrus offers nutritional care and straightening.

Klorane shampoo to the Papyrus milk is a hair care for dry, unruly hair. It allows to nourish, smooth hair and relax the capillary fibre. Indeed, fat and lipids rich in acids papyrus moisturizes and smoothes perfectly hair fiber.

Hair is:

  • repaired,

  • protected against thermal attacks

  • disciplined.

Thus, it brings flexibility and shine to the hair and prepares smoothing.

Texture soft and light haired a sensation of comfort.

Hair is light and bright and are shaped quickly.

Tips for using Klorane shampoo to the Papyrus milk:

Apply on the whole of the hair and scalp shampoo previously wet. Then gently massage. Rinse.

A single shampoo is enough.


In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water.