Klorane shampoo volumizing to 400ml almond milk


SKU: 7568637 Klorane shampoo Volumizer to the milk of Amande 400 ml

Properties: rich in proteins and amino acids which strengthen the hair shaft resistance and maintain its integrity, associated lipopeptides which sleeve hair and thus give more volume, KLORANE almond milk is ideal for fine hair and without. With its very mild emulsifying base and Detangling shampoo volumizing to KLORANE almond milk brings the hair softness, volume and shine. It neutralizes the frequent static electricity in the case of hair purposes. operating tips: a single shampoo just. Rinse extensively. to enhance the effect of the shampoo, continue a spray on hair care volumising milk almond KLORANE no rinse damp or dry Conservation: keeps 12 months after opening.