Klorane shampoo 400ml flax fibre

shampoo for flax fibre to give volume and texture to thin hair.
Manufacturer: Klorane


SKU 2102093 Klorane shampoo 400 ml flax fibre


Flax, is a plant rich in mucilage, which provide support and volume to the hair from the root. Integrated into the heart of an exclusive ultra-light formula, without silicone or agent is increasing, the mucilage of flax are flax fibres shampoo Klorane care volumising reference. It washes and unravel without weighing down fine hair without volume. Perfectly textured and swath, the hair shows a volume full of lightness and flexibility.

Tips for using Klorane shampoo flax Fibres:

A single shampoo is enough. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly. To not weaken the hair shampoo every 2 days maximum.

Use the Klorane shampoo to flax fibre associated balm after shampoo klorane flax fibres and care without rinsing to fibre flax Klorane for a ritual full-volume and efficiency.

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