Klorane Quinoral Anti-Hair Loss 3 x 30 Capsules

Helps curb the fall, promotes growth and strengthens the hair
Manufacturer: Klorane
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Klorane Quinoral anti-hair loss hair set of 3 boxes

the nutritional supplement Quinoral arrest capillary is designed specifically to make the hair more resistant against that accelerate the cycle pillaire and result in the loss of hair. The association of two capsules ingredients helps to curb the fall and stimulates the growth of a healthy and strong hair, through both targeted and complementary actions :
-stimulate the hair bulb: Green capsule, composed of plant extracts, helps to stimulate the hair bulb thus promoting the growth of the hair.
-fortify hair: ivory, consisting of a concentrate vitamin capsule , brings essential nutrients that hair needs in phase of growth.

operating tips:
Avalaer 1 ivory capsule and 1 green capsule morning. Cure for 3 months recommended.

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