Klorane nourishing Secret of almond tree 200ml Shower Gel

nourishing shower gel without SOAP for dry skin and sensitive.

Manufacturer: Klorane

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SKU: 5380668 Klorane Gel shower nourishing Secret of almond tree 200 ml


The Klorane laboratories have developed a secret nourishing shower gel of almond SOAP for dry and sensitive skin-free.

This shower gel is soap-free and its pH is neutral. So your skin is not assaulted.

, Its creamy texture cleans the skin gently, protects and cares. This gel becomes foaming water approach.

Sweet almond fragrance leaves a delicate essence on the skin.

Skin is thus nourished and protected.

Tips for using Shower Gel Klorane nourishing:

Shower gel Klorane Secret of almond tree is used in the shower or in the bath. In contact with the eyes, rinse with clear water.