Klorane mask with Papyrus unruly hair 150 ml milk

Papyrus nutritious milk mask and smoothing very dry, unruly hair

Manufacturer: Klorane

SKU: 4704287 Klorane mask to the milk of Papyrus hair undisciplined 150 ml

Description: delicately perfumed, rich and creamy, texture mask with Papyrus Klorane milk penetrates into the heart of the hair, allowing sustainable very dry, unruly hair nutrition and a smoothing. Enriched with smoothing agents, it permeates, relaxes and smoothes hair fiber for a perfect control of the volume of the hair. operating tips : apply liberally to the lengths and ends rinsed and spun. the texture rich and creamy mask blends into hair to feed them in depth and facilitate the smoothing. Leave 5 minutes, comb, then rinse profusely hair. use once per week in care deep or more frequently if the hair is very damaged. For a reinforced action, leave 20 minutes under a hot towel before rinsing.