Klorane Magnolia 150ml wax mask


SKU 9705050 Klorane Magnolia 150 ml wax mask

Properties: intended to reactivate the glossiness of hair dulled and altered by daily aggressions, magnolia wax mask repairs the fiber deep and fills the gaps in its cuticle surface. Its generous texture, enriched with nutritional assets, sheath hair stem and makes the hair silky and easy to comb. Associated with an exclusive shine Activator complex, its unprecedented formula intensifies the natural shine of the hair and protects it from dehydration. Repaired and protected, the hair are a regular surface that perfectly captures the light: they reveal a shine intense. operating tips: apply liberally to the lengths and ends rinsed and spun after wax magnolia KLORANE shampoo. Leave to act for 5 minutes, combing, then rinse. use once a week deep care or more frequently if the hair is very damaged. Conservation: keeps 6 months after opening.