Klorane Lotion floral makeup remover 100ml


SKU: 5358976 Klorane gentle cleansing 100 ml Lotion

Description: Soothing Cleansing Lotion to the Cornflower Waterproof Rich in Blueberry extract soothing and decongestant, this lotion easily removes waterproof makeup Very gentle, PH identical to that of tears, it is perfectly tolerated and does not sting the eyes. Texture creamy milk Tested ophtamologique.

indications: Waterproof sensitive eyes

formula: Composition: cornflower water: soothing, decongestant. Agents mild cleaners. O/W emulsion. hypoallergenic tested under control ophtamologique.

operating tips: shake Well before Use and Rinse after application. Pour on a cotton, eliminate the makeup of the eyelids through the inside of the eye to outside, then that of the cilia in the root tip.