Klorane Lotion floral make-up Remover 200ml

Easily eliminates makeup and leaves a pleasant freshness sansation.

Manufacturer: Klorane

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SKU: 5358829 Klorane Lotion floral cleansing soothing to the Blueberry 200 ml

Description: For the care of the eyes, the Klorane Laboratories selected by controlling every stage of its development, the extract of blueberry in the soothing and decongestant. Ph identical to that of tears, this very gentle lotion is well tolerated and does not sting the eyes. It easily eliminates makeup and leaves a pleasant sansation freshness. Tested eye-controlled.

indications: sensitive eyes

operating tips: Pour on a cotton, eliminate the makeup of the eyelids through the inside of the eye to outside, then that of the cilia in the root tip. Do not rinse. Tip beauty Klorane: For a soothing and relaxing total, apply soothing cleansing lotion to the blueberry, compress on the eye.