Klorane hydrator amount nourishing velvet 200ml

Nourishes and protects the skin that is smooth and supple.
Manufacturer: Klorane


SKU: 7818910 Gel shower amount Klorane nourishing velvet 200ml

Description: Cleans softness. Nourishes and protects the skin that softness and flexibility. soap-Free, pH neutral Very good tolerance. Green foliage, orange, honey, jasmine rose, vanilla and musk... a surprising creamy texture, a sweet and delicate scent.

indications: dry and sensitive skin Hygiene.

composition: plant hydrolipidic concentrate (Poplar bud + Phytosqualane): protective barrier, strengthens the natural self-protection of the skin, soothing, emollient - mild cleansing Agents (anionic, Amphoteric and nonionic): synergistic effect of foaming surfactants quality good, very creamy foam, very good tolerance, activity surgraissante, preservation of the hydrolipidic film - brightening Agents: power superfatting, Pearl - effect scent relaxing

operating tips: In the shower, apply one or two hazelnuts of product on wet skin, lather then rinse abundantly. gently Wipe the skin without rubbing to not remove the precious film hydrolipidic. As all Klorane cold cream shower gels, it can also if use diluted in the bath (the equivalent of a nut product).