Klorane Depilatory Cream Duo 2 x 150ml

For efficient and safe hair removal for beautifully smooth skin    

Manufacturer: Klorane

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This cream allows for efficient and safe hair removal and is very friendly to your skin.  It contains hydrating active ingredients that moisturise your skin leaving it beautifully soft.For fast an efficient hair removal. 

Recommended Use:

Apply cream on healthy skin with no damages or irritaiton. Do not use soap or alcoholo-containing products for a few hours before or after hair removal. Spread the cream in a thick, even layer using the spatula across the desired area. Ensure that the hair to be removed is generously covered. Leave for 6 to 8 minutes (maximum 10 minutes) depending on the hair. Remove the cream with the spatula and rinse thoroughly.


Keeps for 12 months after opening.