Klorane Pomegranate Day Cream Radiance Colour 125ml

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Lifeless, Illuminator, UV protection, extended color

Manufacturer: Klorane



SKU: 5167383 Klorane care day without flushing has Grenada 125 ml

Properties: bark of pomegranate, Laboratory Klorane concentrated extract naturally rich in tannins, powerful fixers of color on the keratin, and antioxidant polyphenols that protect its brightness. extract pomegranate prolongs the hair color on average 2 times more long. regular use of this treatment helps protect your color of the daily attacks that the tarnish. operating tips : evenly on the lengths and the tips of damp or dry hair 2 or 3 hazelnut product. do not rinse. Styling. Use as often as necessary. For optimal protection of the intensity and the brightness of your color, use shampoo and cream conditioner in grenada Klorane. Conservation: keeps 12 months after opening.