Klorane balm after Magnolia 150ml wax shampoo

Intense shine and Detangling for dull hair
Manufacturer: Klorane
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SKU 9705038 Klorane balm after Magnolia 150 ml wax shampoo

Properties: for dull hair, Balsam conditioner to Magnolia Klorane wax melts instantly into the hair to hydrate and replenish the protective film that gives it its natural shine. Unique combination of wax of magnolia and activator complex of exclusive brilliance, its formula in the non-oily gel txture detangles hair without weighing it down and intensifies their natural shine. Soft, supple and light, hair reveals a shine intense. operating tips: apply after Shampooing to Magnolia Klorane wax on the lengths and ends rinsed and spun dry. Leave 2 to 3 minutes, comb out then rinse with water clear. Conservation: keeps 12 months after opening.