Klorane baby Eryteal pomade 75ml

SKU: 7889695 Klorane baby Eryteal pomade 75 ml


Restorative care, isolating and soothing. Thanks to its rich in Omega 3 and vitamin A, it strengthens the natural protection of the skin barrier. Omega 3 in particular are of essential fatty acids, very involved in the quality and effectiveness of skin protection. They intervene at the level of the structures of cell membranes and play an important role in sealing and good cohesion of the stratum corneum. They also have a functional role and protect irritations.

tips to use:

From the observation of redness and irritation at the headquarters level, very gently clean the baby's skin become sensitive and then very gently dry and apply the ointment 4-8 times per day until complete disappearance of redness.


Vitamin A-rich fish liver oils and Omega 3. Zinc oxide. Cetrimonium bromide. Perfume. Conservative. Compatibility sensitive skin / reactive.