Klorane baby Calendula balm soothing 40ml

Calendula, calm irritation, redness, chapping and insect bites

Manufacturer: Klorane

SKU: 9829668 Klorane baby Calendula balm soothing and repair 40 ml

Properties: the balm soothing and restful Klorane is directly inspired by the soothing, restorative and protective properties traditionally recognized the Calendula. Thus, concentrated extracts, this balm takes care of all types of skin irritations of the baby and the whole family. it effectively protects the skin from external aggressions: sale, cold, friction of layers or clothing, peri-orales rashes, bites of insects or plants. Its very moisturizing formula promotes skin repair and leaves a protective film on the area concerned. Its fluid and pleasant texture penetrates very quickly at brings comfort. immediate result: effect immediate apaiant. Skin is repaired, softened, hydrated. operating tips: Helped its specific tip, apply two to three times a day on the irritated area, previously cleaned and dried. Conservation: keeps 6 months after opening.