Keops Deodorant Stick Lot 2x40ml

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SKU: 7503572 Keops Deodorant Stick Lot 2x40ml


deodorant stick Keops ensures efficiency 24 hours without perfume. Suitable for normal sweating, it contains odor sensors which help to eliminate sweat odors. your skin stays fresh and without unpleasant odours during 24 hours. Fragrance-free, without alcohol and aluminum salts, this deodorant stick does not irritate the skin. It provides softness and ease of use.

operating tips:

apply on clean and dry skin. This deodorant can be used at all times of the day.



Number of reviews : 1
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M. Sandra
  the 05/11/2017
5/ 5
I love this product very much and have used it for years whilst in Canada. Sadly unable to buy it in England.