Kelo Cote scar 6g Gel

gel silicone for scars to relieve itching and reduce redness of scars.

Manufacturer: Sinclair

SKU: 9831530 Kelo-Cote scar 6 g Gel

Scars are unpleasant because they are showy and often cause itching.


Kelo-Cote scar Gel is indicated for all the old scars as news. It treats hypertrophic scars and Keloids, resulting from surgical procedures, trauma, wounds and burns. this gel silicone allows:

  • reduce the redness of the scars,

  • to relieve the itching and pain associated with scars,

  • to soften and flatten raised scars.

Day after day, scar fades and itching disappeared. so, this gel makes the scar beautiful to forget it.

Tips for using Kelo-Cote for scars:

Apply gel 2 times per day.

Apply the gel to clean, dry, scar in a very thin layer and let dry. for optimal effect, leave the gel in contact with the skin for 24 hours. once dry, Frost can be covered with garments, sunscreen or cosmetics. if the gel has not dried in 4 or 5 minute , is that it is probably applied in a layer too thick. then gently Remove excess so that the drying process to continue. The minimum recommended treatment is 2-3 months.


this gel is suitable for children and people with sensitive skin