Kayti cleaning respondent 75ml cream

Cream cleanser for sensitive privacy.
Manufacturer: Jailys


SKU 6003662 Kayti cleaning respondent 75 ml cream


The vaginal flora consists of micro-organisms that have a protective action. Factors such as stress, overly aggressive intimate hygiene, taking an antibiotic or even friction with Deputy clothing can upset the natural balance between these organisms. Pathogenic germs can grow and cause infections vaginal.

Kayti laboratories have created the cream cleanser respondent to take care of the sensitive intimate area. This cleaning cream restores the lipid film and removes irritation, itching and burns.

operating Kayti cream cleaning tips:

1-2 times per day the morning and/or evening. Apply thickly on the vulva, the Jersey and the anal area, without lather. -Let ask 30 s. - foam with water, then rinse and dry.

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