Kadalys Musalift Visible Wrinkles Night Cream 50ml

Antioxidant cream for lifting and nourishing visible wrinkles
Manufacturer: Kadalys
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The Musalift range, made from banana yellow, lifts and replenishes mature skin giving it that fresh, plump look. Enriched with firming and anti-wrinkle active ingredients, this night cream is a comforting treatment with a generous texture. It actively reinforces the skin during the night. Acts by the smoothing of the shape of the face. 

Recommended Use:

Apply to the face, previously cleansed. Smooth onto the skin from the base of the neck to the chin with your hands with successive applications.


Musactif yellow banana, anti-oxidant water clover extract, alaria esculenta, hyaluronic acid, Calcium PCA.


50ml bottle.