Juvamine vitamin C - Ginseng and Guarana 30 chewable sugar-free

Association of ingredient for tired people
Manufacturer: Juvamine
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SKU: 2060004 Juvamine vitamin C - Ginseng and Guarana 30 chewable sugar-free

Juvamine vitamin C composition

Juvamine laboratories combine specific energizing ingredients :

  • The Guarana is a plant which helps invigorate the body wake up and participates in the improvement of intellectual ability. It also helps them feel more energetic.
  • The Ginseng is a natural stimulant. It is known to help maintain a good physical and intellectual activity
  • The vitamin C is known to promote resistance to transient fatigue by helping the body to better defend.

Tips for using Juvamine vitamin C

every morning, 1 tablet to chew or suck.For a prolonged action throughout the day, you can take 1/4 Tablet 4 times per day.A 1 month is recommended.


Bulking agent: Sorbitol; Vitamin C; dry extract of Guarana (seed) (MALTODEXTRIN): 8.3%; Aroma red Fruits; Anti-caking agent: Magnesium salts from fatty acid; Sweetener: Aspartam.

1comprime quantity:

Vitamin C - 200% RDA *---120 mg

Dry extract of GUARANA - 40 mg. * contributions daily recommended by order of 3 December 1993 for adults (usual activity).