Juvamine Transit Digestion 45 tablets

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Transit digestion is a natural 5 herbal product:

Rhubarb root helps intestinal transit.

The artichoke, cilantro and Basil contribute to intestinal comfort and are involved in digestion.

The marshmallow participates in gastrointestinal health.

Operating tips:

To swallow without bite with a glass of water, preferably the evening at sunset. Start with 1 tablet per day and increase up to 3 tablets per day only if the need arises. Do not exceed 8 to 10 days of taking.


Rhubarb (root): 45% 226.8 mg, bulking Agent: sorbitol, Marshmallow (root): 8% 38 mg, light pink (petals): 8% 38 mg: artichoke (sheet): 4% 18 mg, Basil (leaf): 4% 18 mg, coriander (seed): 4% 18 mg, anti-caking agents: salts of fatty acids magnesium.


45 tablets