Juvamine - The Bio - slimming 20 sachets

Preparing flavored infusion from organic herbal

Manufacturer: Juvamine

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Green tea is known to promote the natural metabolism of fats. The hibiscus flower and tail of cherry, are traditionally used in infusion for their draining virtues. -Guarana is recognized for its tonic properties to help you overcome the tiredness that can be felt during plan periods.

Tips to use:

To render the authentic taste of the Juvamine Bio infusions, pour simmering water over one teabag and let infuse for 4 minutes before taste. keep away from moisture.


Cannot replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Ingredients: China green tea * (sheet): 56%, cherry tail *: 26%, aroma natural red fruits: 9%, Hibiscus * (flower): 5%, Guarana * (seed): 3%, strawberry *. * Ingredients of agricultural origin obtained according to the rules of organic production. Product of organic agriculture EU - Non EU. Quantity for 1 bag: green tea (leaf) - 840 mg Cherry (peduncle) tail - 390 mg Hibiscus (flower)-75 mg Guarana (seed)-45 mg nutritional values for 100 ml of infusion: energy: 0.9 kcal - 4 kJ - < 0.5 g protein - CARB < 0, 5 g of which sugars < 0.5 g - fat < 0, 5 g, which saturates < 0.5 g - fiber: 0.5 g - Sodium: 0.003 g.


20 sachets