Juvamine SOS burns fat aroma citrus 500ml

SKU: 2071114 Juvamine SOS burns fat citrus aroma


Juvamine SOS burnt grease is composed of 4 burners and drainers to effectively help you in your weight loss.

the Meadowsweet, native to Indonesia, commonly known as Java tea has diuretic properties.

the Guarana, caffeine, this plant of the Brazil-rich is known for its stimulating effect and thus facilitate the burning of fats.

the Mate, also called the Paraguay tea also has a stimulating effect similar to those of the tea or coffee.

green tea is a bit oxidized during manufacture that keeps all its properties, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it helps the body to drain.

Tips for using SOS burnt grease:

dilute a dose of 50ml in 1 l of water that you drink throughout the day.