Juvamine skin hair nails 40 capsules

SKU: 2067020 Juvamine skin hair nails 40 capsules

Juvamine laboratories have developed a beauty program through a proprietary formula, concentrated in essential micronutrients : -vitamin C is involved in the formation of collagen: element contsitutif of the structure of the skin -vitamins A, PP and B8 helps maintain a normal skin -zinc helps maintain of hair and normal nails


Take every day 1 capsule for 1-2 months. is suitable for any type of skin and hair.


* Daily recommended intakes according to annex 1 of the Decree of 3 December 1993.

quantity for a capsule 9 vitamin vitamin A-100% RDA-800 g vitamin C-100% RDA-60 mg vitamin E - 100% RDA - 10 mg a - and vitamin PP - 100% RDA - 18 mg do vitamin B1-100% RDA-1.4 mg B2---100%AJR---1.6 mg vitamin vitamin B5-100% RDA-6 mg vitamin B6-100% RDA-2 mg vitamin B8-100% RDA-150 g 2 trace elements ZINC - 100% RDA-15 mg manganese---100%ajr---3.5 mg