Juvamine - plant - Aloe Vera 500ml

SKU: 2064152 Juvamine Aloe Vera


Essentials of assets range has been designed to bring you all the benefits of plants in liquid form. A detoxifying and purifying action.

The Aloe Vera is particularly known for its detoxifying and purifying action. The formulation of the laboratories Juvamine Phyto will thus help you cleanse your body from the inside. Preserve immunity the Aloe Vera also helps to support the immune system and constitutes a valuable aid in case of tiredness. Essentials of active Aloe Vera, the format of drink, with a slight flavouring to the Apple

Juvamine Aloe Vera operating tips:

shake the bottle before use. Measure 25 ml of liquid using the pod then dilute with a glass of water. Take once a day in the morning or at noon. A light deposit at the bottom of the bottle is normal. Keep after opening in the refrigerator and consume within 20 days. We recommend that you follow the recommended doses.


fluid extract of aloe vera (water, extract Aloe vera (mucilage), preservatives: potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate), acidifier: Malic acid, Apple aroma, colour: plain caramel, sweeteners: acesulfame potassium, sucralose.