Juvamine - Phyto - yeast from rice red 30 tablets

red yeast rice-based food supplement.

Manufacturer: Juvamine

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SKU: 2064232 Juvamine yeast from rice red 30 pills


Red yeast rice-based food supplement.

  • a traditional yeast: cultivated in China for centuries, red rice yeast is a microscopic fungus. Intense red, it is obtained as a result of the fermentation of rice by a yeast called Monascus purpureus.

  • to the recognized virtues: red rice yeast naturally contains of monacolin K. It contributes to the maintenance of a cholesterol levels. normale

operating tips:

take 1 tablet per day for 30 days, renewable.

A swallow with a glass of water.


Keep out of reach of young children.

Not recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women.

Do not use during therapy with drugs lowering.

Not recommended for people over 70 years, intolerant to statins, suffering from kidney failure, or having a high alcohol intake.

Cannot replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

It is recommended to comply with the recommended doses.


Bulking agent: sorbitol; Red yeast rice: 39.2%; anti-caking agent: fatty acids magnesium salts of


24.2 g.