Juvamine - Phyto - Harpagophytum joints 30 tablets

Of the Harpagophytum for your joints

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Juvamine Harpagophytum joints is a dietary supplement that contains d e Harpagophytum, a wild plant native to South Africa that grows especially in the desert. It contributes to the flexibility and the good health of the joints. Juvamine Phyto Harpagophytum is developed from a dry extract of Harpagophytum for concentrated and preserved assets.

Operating tips:

Take 1 tablet the evening during the meal with a large glass of water 30 days to renew if necessary.


Bulking agent: sorbitol, Harpagophytum root extract: 48.5%, anti-caking agent: magnesium of fatty acids salts.

For 2 capsules: dry extract of Harpagophytum 400 mg (1.6 g equivalent dry plants)


pill 30 capsules