Juvamine - Phyto - algae Fucus Wakame satiety natural 30 tablets

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Juvamine algae Fucus Wakame natural satiety is a food supplement made from Guarana and extracts of Fucus and Wakame. Guarana is traditionally used to aid in the metabolism of fats. Fucus plays a role in satiety and contributes to the proper functioning of the intestinal transit.

Operating tips:

Take 1 pill two hours before the lunch with a full glass of water. Take one renewable month.


Bulking agent: sorbitol, extract of thallus of Wakame: 18.2% (60 mg), thallus of Fucus powder: 10.9% (100 mg), thallus Fucus extract: 2.7% (15 mg), anti-caking agent: fatty acid magnesium salts of.


pill 30 capsules