Juvamine joint comfort 60 tablets

Harpagophytum and willow for your joints
Manufacturer: Juvamine


SKU 2067104


Thanks to its formula with CATALGINE , a unique complex involving willow and harpagophytum, joint comfort is a complete dietary supplement to specific assets:

The Harpagophytum helps to maintain the flexibility of the joints and tendons.

The Willow participates in joint and muscle health.

The Zinc contributes to the maintenance of a normal frame.

The vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation to ensure the normal function of the cartilage and bones.

The vitamin D contributes to the absorption and the normal use of calcium.

Operating tips:

Take 2 tablets per day to swallow with a glass of water, preferably in the morning. Of one month is recommended. To renew several times in the year if necessary.


filler: sorbitol, mineral: calcium carbonate 120 mg 15% RDA, extracted from root of Harpagophyton: 15.2% 166 mg, vitamin C 80 mg 100% RDA, mineral: sulfate of zinc 10 mg 100% of the RDA, anti-caking agent: fatty acids, white willow bark extract magnesium salts of: 1.7% 18 mg, vitamin D 5 g 100% RDA.


60 tablets

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