Jonzac sponge of Konjac 50g

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Sponge vegetable konjac fibre, cleans and exfoliates the skin.

Manufacturer: Jonzac

SKU: 2031884 Jonzac sponge of Konjac 50 g


In Asia, "the Amorphophallus Konjac" is a perennial plant known as Konnyaku. This plant is used in Japan for more than 1500 years, like a potato. But for about a century, the Japanese uses it for the beauty of their fragile skin.

Lea Nature laboratories have therefore resumed this plant in their range.

The sponge konjac is therefore derived from this plant native to Asia. It is manufactured from 100% of Konjac root and is suitable for all types of even the most sensitive skin.

This sponge is the most gentle and effective product. Indeed, the Konjac sponge deep cleans without damaging the skin. Originally intended for infants, Konjac sponge is now used by the rest of the family.

Thus, this sponge of Konjac stimulates blood circulation and renews cell function. Dead skin cells are exfoliated and excess sebum is eliminated. In addition, the pH of the skin is rebalanced.

Results are visible as early as the first few uses. The skin is soft and radiant. The complexion found all its brilliance.

Tips for using sponge of Konjac:

Before each use,

  • rinse the sponge with warm water to inflate.
  • apply on the face massaging by circular movements to rinse products.
  • at the end of use, rinse the sponge, wring gently and dry.

Has the first use and once a week, clean sponge with SOAP and rinse the with lukewarm water. The sponge should last several months. When it breaks down or she looks tired, needs to be replaced.

This sponge also allows to efficiently remove masks.


Sponge biodegradable and without dye.



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P. Olga
  the 04/09/2016
4/ 5
Great sponge, but in two weeks of use I can already see its breaking. It absorbs all cleansing product and you have to use a lot of it as a result. I like all natural products though.