Jonzac Rehydrate washer amount 200ml cream

cream cleansing cold cream for sensitive skin hygiene.
Manufacturer: Jonzac
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SKU 9796377 Jonzac Rehydrate washer amount 200 ml cream


The cream cold cream cleansing of Jonzac laboratories is formulated for sensitive skin hygiene. Indeed, it contains a vegetable cleansing base and no irritating ingredients. Thus, it ensures an optimal tolerance. The skin is not assaulted. Cream the gently cleanses while respecting the film hydrolopidique of the skin.

The skin is directly cleaned and hydrated. The cream gives a delicate feeling of comfort and well-being.

It can be used on the face as on the body.

operating tips Jonzac Rehydrate cream cold cream washer:

Use the cream Jonzac daily on damp skin. Apply a DAB of cream on the skin and then lather making circular movements. Finally rinse thoroughly with clean water.


This product is suitable for adults and children.