Jonzac my beauty Rehydrate Kit

kit of beauty at the Spa of jonzac water for Rehydrating facial, eye and body.
Manufacturer: Jonzac
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SKU 2655461 Jonzac my beauty Rehydrate Kit

Laboratory Jonzac offers this range Rehydrate beauty kit. You can take care of your skin thanks: to the micellar water care rich Rehydrating, at the Dermo-Cleansing Gel and milk body Rehydrating.

Jonzac Rehydrate water micellar 30ml


E to the micellar Rehydrate allows you to clean, remove make-up and soothe the eyes and the face.

It provides hydaration and comfort durably while respecting the same sensitive skin.

Impurities and traces of make-up are eliminated in sweetness.

Jonzac Rehydrate micellar water operating tips:

Apply micellar water of Jonzac on a cotton and then apply it on the face, eyes and neck.


Tested under dermatological control.

Jonzac Rehydrate care rich Rehydrating 10ml


The rich care rhydrata nt of Jonzac allows to moisturize the skin of the face effectively and lastingly.

Thus, it brings immediate and prolonged hydration.

The skin is soft and soothed.

operating Jonzac Rehydrate Rich hydrating care tips:

Apply the clean and dry face skin care.

Jonzac Rehydrate Gel Dermo-cleanser 30 ml


The dermo-cleansing Rehydrate gel is indicated for the face and suitable to any dehydrated skin types.

Indeed, this gel cleanses gently and effectively removes all impurities from the face.

Tips for using Jonzac Rehydrate Dermo-Cleansing Gel:

Apply the gel dermo-cleanser on previously moistened skin. Lather. Then rinse thoroughly.

Jonzac Rehydrate body lotion Rehydrating 30ml


The hydrating body lotion is specially formulated for the care of the body.

this Milky treatment is specially indicated to moisturize intensely and sustainably sensitive skin daily.

it allows to provide comfort and suppleness to the skin.

Tips for using Jonzac body hydrating lotion:

apply the milk on the body previously cleaned and dry.

Massage to get.