John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder mask intensive whitening 250ml


SKU 5621615 John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder mask intensive whitening 250 ml


intensive mask lightening go blonder John Frieda is specially designed for natural blonde hair, highlighted and coloured.

The mask acts directly on your hair damaged and weakened to give them strength and shine. It allows to maintain and strengthen the blonde hair to give back them their brilliance.

Offers your hair a well-being and allows them to find a blond bright and shiny.

He fought deep hair dull and sensibilies. Your hair is strengthened, protected and found a bright blond.

Its action with lemon and chamomile extract allows to illuminate your color.

Intensive mask lightening you guaranteed the end of hair without splinters.


Restorative mask for blond hair: natural, highlights, colorful.

operating tips

Apply the mask after the shampoo on wet hair. Let ask the mask between 3 and 5 minutes then rinse.

Please do not ignore the spikes, which are often dreaded part to fight for beautiful hair.

For optimum performance, use complementing shampoo lightening Sheer Blonde John Frieda.