Jet-Set Sun Spray tanning instant 150ml

spray self-Tanner for all skin types.

Manufacturer: BT Cosmetics

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SKU: 2916001 jet Set Sun Spray tanning instant 150ml


A subtle light, the spray self-Tanner Jet Set Sun doesn't have the disadvantages of a self-Tanner classic: no odor, no risk of traces through its application in spray, offers a result immediately. this result bluffing is due to the presence of white sugar; DHA interacts with the different cellular components of the upper layer of the epidermis: then a natural and harmless to an almost instantaneous kissed reaction occurs. This is the so-called "Maillard" reaction. a subtle light... Just 2 minutes to act on the face, a dozen for the body, for a holding of 4-7 days (depending on skin types). more risk of prolonged exposure in the Sun or under UV light: with the Jet-Set Sun, melanin is not enabled. So your Sun capital is completely preserved. A few moments are enough to get a natural sun-kissed complexion. Perfect before a night or when not to wear makeup time.

operating tips:

Apply the spray 25 to 30 cemtimetres of the face by uninterrupted circular motions on skin clean. Wait 8 hours before the first shower. Dry wetlands using a hairdryer. shake Well before each use. Tips for beautiful skin satin-smooth and tanned : for best results, get a scrub on the eve of the application and avoid apply makeup you before the misting. after the meeting , put further and dark clothes do not take shower and not be in direct contact with the water for six hours. the next day, moisturize your skin in order to extend and enhance your hale.