Ixxi Fragrant Water Or des Sables Spray 30ml

SKU: 8148268


Or des Sables fragrant water evokes a sunny afternoon spent along the endless dunes of the Landes ocean shores. It embodies a stroll along the coastline where the ocean sea foam crashes over the large stretches of sand. An enchanting fragrance that reveals sensuality swathed in a blanket of softness. It is here – between the sky and the sea – that scents with delicate notes of bergamot, Tiaré flower and vanilla unfurl. For all skin types.

How to use:

Apply to the inner wrist and neck. For external use only.


Organic alcohol, aqua (water), fragrance, pinus pinaster bark water, benzyl salicylate, limonene, sodium phytate, citric acid, linalool, isoeugenol, geraniol, sodium benzoate, citronellol, potassium sorbate, citral, alcohol, cinnamyl alcohol.95% of ingredients of natural origin. 


30ml spray.