Item Lieziel anti-hair loss 100ml Lotion

Slows down the fall and stimulates hair regrowth.

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SKU: 7380862 item Lieziel anti-hair loss 100 ml Lotion


By reducing the fall of hair and by stimulating the growth of the hair bulb, the anti-hair loss Afable lotion is recommended for the alopeciques States of man and woman. organic silicon restores cellular exchanges and reactivates the micro-circulation, inducing a stimulating action on the germination zone of the hair. vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is essential at the level of the hair bulb to ensure the growth of the hair. extracts of origin natural stimulate the irrigation of the scalp, cleanse and fortify the hair at the root.


At the end of treatment, the improving the capillary is considered positive for 70% of the people treated. lotion fall AFABLE slows then stabilizes the hair loss and stimulates their growth. regrowth appears after the 4th month in the form of down which, from the 6th month, turns into hair well coloured and visible.


Care to attack, use the fall AFABLE lotion daily for 4 weeks, and then maintenance 3 times a week. apply stripe by stripe on the scalp using the applicator tip and massage gently for efficiency increased. Use shampoo fortifying AFABLE to optimize the effect of lotion.