Item K.O. nits balm stripper and repellent 100ml

Balm bead breaker and repellent, departed the nits and lice away
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SKU 5354961 item K.O. nits balm stripper and repellent 100ml


K.O. nits and a balm that took off the dead hair nits and repels lice to prevent reinfestation of the scalp. It can be used in addition to the conventional anti-lice treatment.

essential oils, by attacking the waxy shell of nits, dissolve the glue that holds them to the hair and faciilitent their stall.The essential oil of pyrte to the priority to remove lice. Its repulsive activity occurs immediately as soon as its application and persists over time.

kernel of Apricot and vaseline oils improve the effect Detangling, protecting the hair shaft and by forming a film bodyforming, diminish the power of adhesion of the nits to the hair.

protective agents of plant origin facilitate styling without damaging the hair that remains bright and flexible.

operating tips

After a lice on clean, dry and rinsed hair treatment, apply K.O. nits. Massage to evenly distribute the product in insisting penetrate at the level of the neck and behind the ears. The longest leave possible (at least 10 minutes) to impregnate the hair and have a repulsive efficiency.
comb carefully the hair to loosen nits dead with the comb.
Rinse then and dry the hair in the open air.


Se consevre 12 months after opening.

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