Item Alphakeptol Shampoo 200ml

severe dandruff - itching - curing and soothing shampoo

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SKU: 7552079 item Alphakeptol Shampoo 200 ml


  • thanks to a synergy of 4 assets in its formula, ALPHAKEPTOL is the decisive treatment of recurrent dandruff with scalps greasy or dry accompanied or not itching.
  • zinc pyrithione and piroctone olamine, powerful anti-fungal, inhibit the proliferation of yeasts and other germs on the skin and scalp.
  • salicylic acid regulates the formation of dandruff, cleaned up the scalp and soothes itching.
  • Alpha by a with moisturizing effect of a smooth regulation of cell renewal improves the skin condition of unbalanced scalps and fragile skin.


Improved the dandruff and relief from the itching are recorded of the first few uses. The hair remains silky and shiny.

operating tips

ALPHAKEPTOL must be used consistently and continues to ensure a good result: 2 shampoos a week, during simple dandruff or 3 shampoos a week during severe dandruff, for 5 weeks are advisable.