Item Alphadoux Shampoo 200ml

shampoo all types of hair to the powers normalizing and protective

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SKU: 7267798 item Alphadoux Shampoo 200 ml


ALPHADOUX to the normalizing qualities, acts as regulator and protector of the hair and leather scalp.

  • complex lipoprotein of silk and oats, agent cleaner soft and restful active, creates affinity with keratin, a film bodyforming which protects the hair from the multiple assaults and facilitates styling.
  • extracts of fruits and milk, softening and regulatory assets, improves the condition of scalps with greasy tendency and smooth hair permed, forked tips.


Pleasantly flavoured, ALPHADOUX respects the hair structure and skin physiological balance. Its soft cleansing base of plant origin allows daily use without damaging hair, drying out the skin. hair is soft, shiny and silky. it is especially recommended in case of hard water and capillary treatments relay.

operating tips

ALPHADOUX is recommended in preventing all problems capillaries. apply to wet hair, gently massage the scalp, leave a few minutes then rinse thoroughly.